No matter what job I have, I will always be a teacher. It’s in my DNA. If I had lived in paleolithic times, I would have been the story teller of the clan, preserving our people’s history and tales and passing them on to the next generation.

I have been writing since I was five years old.  I started writing fan fiction when I was 10 and continued for about 15 years until I began writing original book-length stories.  But Sherlock (BBC/PBS) captured my attention and my heart and I had to get the story called A Case of Synchronicity out of my mind and onto paper before I could focus on my latest original book. But that didn’t work out. Another Sherlock story idea popped into my brain so I had to write it down (The Case of the Changeling Child). And that worked! I have been trying to write this particular fantasy novel for 17 years and never could get past the first chapter. But the original character in my Sherlock Changeling story intrigued me, so I chose bits of her to make a new character for my novel (which has nothing to do with Sherlock) and I finally finished it. (Thank you BBC/PBS Sherlock for the inspiration I needed to drag this book out of my head where it’s been residing and fermenting all these years. If you want to read my Sherlock fanfiction stories,  you can find them at fanfiction.net or ArchiveofOurOwn.com under the author name of Huntermoon52.)

My first book was finally published in November 2017. You can purchase Bucky and the Lukefahr Ladies: Walking the Labyrinth on Amazon.com in paperback or Kindle. Using the “Look Inside” feature you can even read the first four chapters before buying it. Be sure and read the reviews, too. You can find it at:  http://bit.ly/shirleygilmore  If that link doesn’t work, try http://bit.ly/BuckyBook1 or just search on the title or under my name: Shirley Gilmore. (There is another Shirley Gilmore who is a professor at Iowa State University and writes books on food preparation and diet, and that is definitely not me.) I published the sequel, Bucky and the Lukefahr Ladies: Songs of Three, in December 2018 and Book 3, Bucky and the Lukefahr Ladies: For Such a Time, in December 2019. I published Book 4, Bucky and the Lukefahr Ladies: A Turn Back Christmas, in September 2020. Book 5, Bucky and the Lukefahr Ladies: Tangled Threads came out in March 2022. Book 6 Bucky and the Lukefahr Ladies: A Thousand Bees came out in November 2022.

My first middle-grade novel, also available on Amazon, Carly Piper and the Mystery of the Ruby Ring, is a spinoff of the Bucky series, but it’s a standalone so you don’t have to have read the Bucky books to enjoy it.

Sadie Jane is my most recent book, published in June 2023. It’s also a standalone spinoff of the Bucky series, but it’s set in 1937, instead of present day.

You can find all of my books on my Amazon author page: https://www.amazon.com/Shirley-Gilmore/e/B078MLLZF9

View the video trailer for my first book book above or directly on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/1wFwAIs9igI

You can “Like” my author page on Facebook to receive the latest posts on the book https://www.facebook.com/buckyandthelukefahrladies/ or check under “Turn Back Tales” on this website to get the latest updates and progress on Bucky Book 6.

On Twitter, I’m @LukefahrLady

Be sure and click on “Turn Back Tales” above to read the latest updates about my books.

And if you read any of of my books, PLEASE leave a review on AMazon or Goodreads or both!

I currently live in the woods at a mystical place I call Glendragon. I built my cottage there on the spot where I had been inexplicably drawn for many years. Whatever force resides here not only continues to attract me, but it also messes with a compass.

8 thoughts on “WELCOME”

  1. I was one of your students at Marquand. I always thought you were an interesting and amusing instructor, so when I noticed your name on the desk at the Ozark Regional Library I was intrigued. I reserved your book and have just finished my visit in Turn Back. I very much enjoyed meeting Bucky, Ian, and the Ladies. Thanks for introducing us! Hope to enjoy more of your friends in the future. Chere (Fencl) Hiller

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    1. How nice to hear from you, Chere. I’m glad you enjoyed the book. Parts of it might have sounded familiar since it’s set in your old stomping grounds. And this is the year for your 40th high school reunion! Wow! Where did those years go?


  2. The Youtube trailer is nice, but doesn’t do justice to the mystery and all around good feeling of the writing. I just purchased it for Kindle and am looking forward to finishing the journey. Nothing as satisfying as having a good book in store!

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    1. Thank you for your purchase. One of my goals was to leave the reader feeling good and uplifted at the end. I hope I’ve accomplished that. The book trailer was my first venture into such things and I wanted to find a template that hinted at the spirals and labyrinth that are a key motif in the story. Thanks, again and I hope you enjoy the rest of the book.


    2. Hi, Victoria. If you are the Victoria Randall who left a nice review on Amazon for my book on April 17, the “Zon” has removed it. I’ve heard this happening to other authors. I have no idea why. Fortunately, I save copies of all my reviews (which is how I discovered that yours was the one now missing).


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